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Thinking of leasing a server with ovh, need advise

27-03-2009, 19:09
Yup best hosting company in the eu for price and what you get for that price.
Many servers with ovh and never had any major issues.
And surport getting better,best by phone and of course here on the forum.

27-03-2009, 19:02
crowarth, thanks. I feel more assured now.

27-03-2009, 18:20
currently have two servers with OVH and they are the best ive come across. written support (ie, guides) are sometimes a bit hard to follow being translated from french and all but the product itself is superb

27-03-2009, 17:58
ezdub, Andy - thanks very much for your comments, I greaty appereciate that.

I wanted to subsribe yesterday, but found quite a few negative comments on the web about ovh (like financial disputes, delay in refunding, replying in French only , no reciepts or invoices given etc.), and decided to ask you guys, as no one knows a host better than people who use it themselves.

Quote Originally Posted by ezdub
if you are a new customer it will take a bit longer to get your first server while you validate yourself.
Yes I am a nem customer to ovh, want to move my sites from an eastern-european host (good host, have been with them over 2 years, but ther are difficulties with payment processing).

27-03-2009, 11:44
1. very!
2. 99.99% and the 0.01% down was my fault
3. slow via e-mail but quick as a flash by phone, but they are improving.

ive been with ovh for 15 (almost 16) months now. flawless

27-03-2009, 10:21
I have never had a problem with OVH servers.

Up time is for me is 100%

Support for me has been faultless.

Take note of the deploy times if you are a new customer it will take a bit longer to get your first server while you validate yourself.

I would read the posts to give you some idea on what goes into getting your first server.

But all in all OVH is one of the best companies I have used.

27-03-2009, 06:26
Hello everybody,

I am thinking of leasing a server with ovh - SuperPlan BestOF.
Before I commit myself, just wanted to ask - are you guys happy with their service in general?

More specifially:
1. How reliable are the servers?
2. What's typical uptime?
3. Is support quick and helpful?

Thank you

P.S. Sorry, if that is the wrong place for the post, I just thought it's more relevant to dedicated servers rather than general discussion. Please move, if that's inappropriate location for it.