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09-05-2008, 14:26

Firstly, *cough* linux iso's, Linux is free, numbnuts.. Within reason, Ubuntu is 100% free, whereas Redhat is a paid for distro.

Secondly, a locked down firewall? As long as your content with your firewall sw, then you shouldn't need to keep it "locked down", and if your seriously anal about your data security, try running hw firewalls.

Finally, this is the killer crunch here...

OVH will care about what people do with their servers.
Step one, in IainK's example - ThePirateBay - has a organisation (say for example) MPAA contact the courts for information as to whats been held where.
Step two, Courts grant such info (regardless of whereabouts)
Step three, organisation find locations of said download site's peoples IPs
Step four, OVH receive either Court Summons, or written requests for your personal info
Step five, OVH release said info (under their T&C's which upon you agreed)
Step six, Enjoy being Bubba's next nightly plaything.

So I'm sure, as you'll agree, OVH will care about what information is being held and transmitted from their servers.

Seedbox is strictly for downloaders and the suchlike, whereas you mearly helping keep a Free Opensource community alive, is 100% legal, and the opensource community thanks you.

I'm sure if you read on, for instance, Ubuntuforums.com you'll see they need all the "seeders" they can get, especially come release day... Like with the Heron release, I got about 30kbps if I was lucky, and that was before I was throttled on my home connection.
So I waited a week till I upgraded, so you would have been one of the major contributors to helping me receive the new Ubuntu Distro... Therefore, I thank you.

09-05-2008, 14:17
Who cares what people do with their servers? Well with that attitude I suggest you go find a host in russia that won't care.

You realise that by accepting the terms of service you agree your server will be cut off with no refund if you are found to be doing anything illegal. Your details can also be passed on to appropriate authorities.

And have you ever downloaded a torrent with around 1000 seeds on a home line through a router? It will take a few hours before the router needs rebooting otherwise the entire connection slows to a hault.
So you think that if *everyone* torrents on OVH their routers won't do the same? It's common sense!

And anyway piracy is a crime, and don't think you're sly with the *cough* Linux ISO's - everyone knows what that means.

09-05-2008, 13:41
I have 3 Servers with ISPConfig running my little hosting company and personal websites.
I use an old Kimsurfi with rTorrent for *cough* linux ISO's, it saves my bandwidth, time, and allows me to have locked down firewall at home.
If all torrenters used OVH, it would not cost OVH anything as all traffic would be in between their own servers, only when the user downloads to their home PC do they use Transit Bandwidth....
Who cares what people do with their servers.

06-05-2008, 18:20
I'd have to agree with Andy there. Sure the term 'box' is perfect to describe your powerhorse server housing all your web services but when I hear 'seedbox' all I think is thepiratebay.org getting faster download speeds.

06-05-2008, 17:31
i think of a cardboard box with seeds. heh.

Scott Curtis
23-04-2008, 15:45
I got better things to worry about than what people their boxes.

16-04-2008, 20:57
I also find this term quite annoying...

15-04-2008, 17:43
When someone calls a server a "Seedbox" I immediately think of torrents and someone using it to simple seed torrents at maximum upload speed provided, and nothing more. So yes, I do find it annoying.

15-04-2008, 13:12
Aww Im dissapointed now, I thought it was going to be a thread about plants and seed boxes (boxes which you grow seeds in ), but I guess not....hehe

I guess at the end of the day people can do what they want with their "server" (apart from stuff that doesnt fall in to OVHs Terms and Conditions).

15-04-2008, 13:08
Wth... ?

15-04-2008, 13:05
Does anyone else find this term annoying? Computers are amongst the best inventions humanity's ever come up with precisely because they are so useful for such a diverse range of applications, anything from creating artwork, social networks, modelling physics, composing lists of people who like pie.

That's why I whince everytime I read the term "seedbox", it's like calling a plane a "device for going to Berlin airport with" or calling a cup an "orange juice containment unit".

You can do more with a server than torrents!