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How to push domain to another ovh user?

18-05-2009, 11:34
You can move it from one account to another just by entering a new nic handle in the admin, but if you need to change the owner then that depends on the domain type, but it is either through us for .com, org or .net. But sometimes it is through the registrar, like .uk.

15-05-2009, 21:41
I have the same problem. That is fre, right? But i can not handle that. When i click on "Contacts Management", i can change admin, technical, billing, but not owner. And domain is still at my account.
I need help, please:-)

06-04-2009, 16:47

You can move a to another nic handle, by logging into your Manager, click on the then select 'Contacts Management' and then enter the Nic Handle you want to move it to.

06-04-2009, 16:18
How do I push a to a another ovh user?

I can't find this anywhere.