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30,000 servers at Ovh, on RELOAD

16-04-2008, 19:05
We passed this week at 30000 dedicated servers
Ovh (SD + RPS). In fact, we will receive a (very) heavy
Growth since the launch of the range in 2008 France
But also on 4 of our subsidiaries (DE, PL, ES, UK).

We have begun testing on the range "RELOAD" early
The year and for about 1 month, the range "RELOAD"
Arrested and ready to launch. We are already working on the
Range "revolution" planned for September maximum.

You are ready to reloader?

Here we go ...

The result in the following email ...


16-04-2008, 17:20
This week we have exceeded the sale of 30000 dedicated servers at OVH (DS + RPS). Effectively we have expanded at a very quick rate after the launch of the 2008 range in France and also at our 4 other subsidiaries (DE, PL, ES, UK).

We have launched the tests on the "RELOAD" range at the beginning of the year and for around 1 month now, the "RELOAD" range has been decided and is in a ready to launch stage. We have been working hard on the "revolution" range also, which should be ready by September at the latest.

Are you ready to reload?

it's started...

There is more in the next post...