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Bandwidth Question (Traffic & Premium)

11-04-2009, 22:13
No problem

11-04-2009, 22:12
Thanks Andy

11-04-2009, 20:51
It would be 100Mbps, since the traffic plan is on a per server basis, not a client basis. But, each server you get in Premium after that would reduce the bandwidth on the other Premium server.

On Premium its 100Mbps per client, not server. So it depends on the number of servers as to how much bandwidth you get. However you will always get 20Mbps per server at least, until you hit 100 servers.

1 server, 100Mbps per server, 100Mbps max
2 servers, 50Mbps per server, 100Mbps max
3 servers, 33Mbps per server, 100Mbps max
4 servers, 25Mbps per server, 100Mbps max
5 servers, 20Mbps per server, 100Mbps max
6 servers, 20Mbps per server, 120Mbps max
7 servers, 20Mbps per server, 140Mbps max
... etc up to...
100 servers, 20Mbps per server, 2Gbps max

You can change your bandwidth plan once per month per server through the manager.

11-04-2009, 20:33
I currently have two dedicated servers on the Traffic plan, if i was to buy another server but on the Premium plan would it get 100Mbits or would it be subject to the bandwidth sharing defined here: even though its the only one on the Premium plan?

And am i right in thinking i can change my bandwidth plan through the manager sometime in the future?