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Standard bandwidth..

11-04-2009, 22:28


11-04-2009, 22:14
When you reach the 95th percentile, your transit speed is reduced to the limit set on the package you're on, in your case 12Mbps. Peering speed remains at 100Mbps. Low priority simply means if there isn't enough bandwidth on a particular route, your packets will be dropped before people on normal or high priority. This shouldn't happen ever really since OVH has very good links, and is rarely loaded to 100% on any of them.

11-04-2009, 22:02
I was checking out the Kimsufi servers (more specicifically the 4XL) and I have a few questions about the bandwidth, from what I understand, when you exceed the 12mb/s 95% line you'll get your traffic "shaped". Now, what happens to the bandwidth over the transit pipes? I know the traffic is reduced to the lowest priority, but what does that do? Is there a per connection speed limit? A maximium number of connections over transit?

Thanks! :=)