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17-04-2008, 03:26
Damm that is expensive,Cheers for the info.

17-04-2008, 02:53
for this you need terminal services licenses, and they don't come cheap.

PCWorld Business here in the United Kingdom sells them for just under £200 per 5 users or 5 devices.


17-04-2008, 02:47
So that means i can buy my own windows os and get you to install with my key?

Reason being i always wanted more users be able to log in with remote desktop at any time,as it allows 2 users at the same time.
Anybody no how much they charge for extra rdps.

17-04-2008, 02:35
Own licenses? Excellent! There are not many hosts that allow this and finally somewhere for my server 08 to live on a decent pipe

Will this be as easy as popping your cd key into the system reinstall utility and it automates the reinstall or will it be a vKvm based affair?

16-04-2008, 17:35
Before announcing the ranges of dedicated servers, here is a small
Summary of our strategy in distributions.

We are currently working mainly on distributions
Ready to work with a management interface 1 click.
Distributions virtualization come slowly at
Ovh and will really take off in a few weeks.
We also published patches for release 1 and 2
Without any announcement.

Below are the distributions alpha, beta:
New Plesk 8.3 (CentOS) - beta 2 weeks
CPanel 11 (CentOS) - stable within 1 week
OpenVZ virtualization (CentOS) - beta under 1 week
Xen Virtualization (not decided) - alpha within 1 week
Virtuozzo virtualization (currently being tested)

For release:
Release 1.78
Release 2.10 (2.11 in preparation)

We have interrupted the relationship with Microsoft
There are about 18 months. Indeed, we wanted to keep
Complete independence vis-à-vis Microsoft and its approaches
We currently offer the Windows under the license SPLA
Ovh with. We will allow you to use your licenses
SPLA allowing you to have more flexibility. Also,
Distributions with your own licenses will see the light of day
Shortly. We are working on distributions 64bits (but
All languages are not available in the distribution
Windows multi-language).

Version 7 is available in beta within 1 week.

The result in the following email ...


16-04-2008, 17:32
In english?

16-04-2008, 17:28

Before announcing the dedicated servers range, here is a quick summary on our strategy for the distributions.
We are in the process of working mainly on the ready to use distributions with a 1 click management interface. The virtual distributions will be introduced slowly at OVH and they are going to rolled out within few weeks. We have also published the patches for the release 1 and 2 without announcing it.

Here are the list of the alpha and beta distributions:

New Plesk 8.3 (CentOS) - in beta within 2 weeks
CPanel 11 (CentOS) - in stable version within 1 week
Virtual OpenVZ (CentOS) - in beta within 1 week
Virtual Xen (pas décidé)- in alpha within 1 week
Virtual Virtuozzo - currently in a test phase

In regards to these releases:

Release 1.78
Release 2.10 (2.11 in preparation)

We have stopped the privileged relations with Microsoft around 18 months ago. Effectively, we have aimed to have total independence from Microsoft and their specific marketing approach.

We are actually offering Windows on a SPLA license with Ovh. We are going to let you use your own SPLA licenses which will give you more flexibility. Also, the distributions allowing you to use your own license are going to be available soon. We are working on the 64bit distributions but not all the languages are available in the multi-language Windows.


The version 7 is available in beta within 1 week

There is more in the next post...