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Romain Mesnil and Ovh

18-04-2009, 22:57
Haha nice slogan!

18-04-2009, 22:33
I'm out of here if we are all expected to host pictures of some naked guy
OVH - the internet as God intended

The European
18-04-2009, 21:25
Stark naked, holding a long pole and now IPV6 enabled.

I presume he will be supplied with some OVH branded attire or do you propose tattoos?

15-04-2009, 20:23
Anyone that runs around naked through the streets of France gets my respect

Well done OVH

15-04-2009, 17:36

You have probably seen the video of Romain Mesnil, the world vice-champion pole vaultist running naked in Paris.


The goal of Romain Mesnil was to find a new sponsor. Like you, we have seen this movie and we were interested in the person first. We have contacted his agent, not to discuss the possible "after the auction" .... basically, we wanted to know Romain and his people to understand their motivations and whether the idea of associating the image of Romain Mesnil with Ovh makes sense or not.

The basic approach of Romain was great, it put in question the relationship between athletes and sponsors. Up til now nobody has tried to find a sponsor via Internet auction! Yet this is how it works, except that it is dark and hidden. Here, everything is public and available! You have the contract and the amount on the site. This questioning and the will to push boundaries are values shared by Ovh ...

Also, the buzz created by Romain takes place on the Internet and the Internet is our universe. Have an idea one day and be seen globally on the following day, that's the net. Have an idea that nobody else had and fully communicate with people, that's the net. And the profession of Ovh is to provide platforms and infrastructures that enable ideas to exist on the Internet ...

Finally, part of the sponsorship was transferred to associations (ARTC Association for Research against brain tumors and the Association "Un maillot pour la vie") and we were touched by this action ...

Humanly, Romain is a picture of a serious person, he is an IT engineer who thinks and who does not hesitate to speak up his mind when he thinks it is necessary. At the same time, what can we think of someone who seeks to fall from 6 meters in height? ... BAHH you must be a little crazy, right? Thing he confirmed by running naked through Paris ... Seriously, Ovh swims also in a daily ambient madness ...

And his domain name Romain-mesnil.com is already managed by Ovh

And it's fun to replace Nike

In short, it hit of. But still we had to win the auction. The real difficulty was the fact that last week, I decided to have a little break and, therefore, with my family to go on holiday a few days, the auction ended at 8:00 AM, it was necessary to set the alarm clock to 7.30am ... my wife told me ... "if we lose, let's not bother to wake up everyone?". as it motivates me ... we had to win ... and this was done).

We are therefore pleased to announce that Ovh is the new sponsor of Romain Mesnil.

And afterwards?

We have lots of ideas, but the important point is that Romain can train now. Be reassured and empty head, having fun jumping, this is what we want for Romain. We hope that Ovh will be up to this mission.


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