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Heavily loaded routers

18-04-2009, 18:08
Virgin have routing issues, its not an OVH problem. OVH are in talks with VM to get this sorted out, and have been for some days now. But obviously VM take their time with such issues. I had the same problem myself last week and 1 friend had the same last night and another this morning. The problem seems to be hopping around the country...

Its not normal for the vss1-1-6k to be red, however there is a firmware fault, which they're waiting for Cisco to issue a fix. Until then however CPU load on those routers is higher than normal. Its not however causing a performance issue (yet), I've been assured.

18-04-2009, 17:15
I am on virgin and I can't connect to my server either

18-04-2009, 15:22
I was just looking at the weathermap and there seems to be a lot of routers in the red - is this normal?

This follows on from someone saying they couldnt access my site last night and I had them perform a traceroute:

(He is on Virgin Cable)

Although I am able to browse my site fine but my own traceroute got this:

(Im on BT)

I'm not making a complaint at all, OVH provide a great service (hell of a lot better than 1and1...) but i was just wondering if things were related? Someone unable to access site and the some of the routers are in the red? But then again I can access the site fine while my traceroute ends early like the first one.