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Wheres the money at?

25-04-2009, 19:31
Quote Originally Posted by walshy1337
how did I hear about OVH?
Andy told me about them on

25-04-2009, 14:57
There's always money, in all aspects of hosting. You just need to know when to advertise, and to who.

I mean OVH them self are not a one-off company, there are many others like it, but yet we're here. Just think to yourself, how did I hear about OVH?

24-04-2009, 13:31
It's always something you can do part time though

22-04-2009, 19:59
Thanks for the reply.

I think you are right, im not going to make my fortune with the above, so im gonna knuckle down with my studying and get my certs and then get a nice highly paid job

22-04-2009, 17:27
I doubt you will make money for shared hosting wise, and VPS and Virtual Machines are practically the same.

I'd go with Shoutcast servers, however bandwith can be expensive and you might need several boxes around the globe. Look up competitor websites and work out your cost vs profit and you should be able to make a neat income.

Problem is finding clients and offering control panel services custom to the product.

19-04-2009, 19:54
Good afternoon folks.

I am looking at purchasing a substantial server from OVH, as I know they are first class servers and offer great features.

Im looking at a EG Max, ive had pro servers in the past and know they are quality, previously I have had the server for myself to play around with, but now im looking at making a few out of my dedi.

My question is, what is in demand and what is going to make me a few pounds, im not greedy

Hosting space?
Shoutcast Servers?
Virtual Machines?

What do your customers order from you?

Also which software?

What do people want?

Many thanks for your advice