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gproftpd question

01-05-2009, 16:34
Ok i get 2 mb/s with filezilla now, its the max my connection can get, i guess flashfxp does suck, just so u know :P thanks for the tip andy

Seedbox Paradis
30-04-2009, 18:54
CuteFTP is great, FlashFXP doesn't even offer multithreaded downloads lol

30-04-2009, 18:53
Even I only manage 1MB/s on my 10Mbps connection. Sometimes 1.1MB/s if I'm lucky. 10Mbps can max out at 1.2MB/s so to get that I just open two threads. Easy peasy. At least you're not alone.

30-04-2009, 18:21
I just tried to download with filezilla and i get 1mb/s, my home connection is 24 mbits but its still a bit better :P

30-04-2009, 18:16
WinSCP is win.

30-04-2009, 18:14
Ok thanks

30-04-2009, 17:26
Thread speed can depend on lots of things, including latency and routing. 600KB/s is considered a "very good" speed for a single FTP thread. The only limiting going on will be because of variables out of your control.

You can try another ftp daemon and see if that makes a different. There are plenty to try but proftpd being quite popular, I can't see it being a problem.

FlashFXP is one of the worst clients for Windows if you ask me. If I had the choice I would ban it from connecting to my FTP server as it hammers the hell out of it by default. Try another client like FileZilla, SmartFTP or wzftp to verify your claims.

30-04-2009, 17:15
Hi, so i installed ubuntu desktop 8.04 on my new server, everythings ok but i think theres something wrong with proftpd. I installed gproftpd cus its very easy to config, on the upload speed and download speed i set 999999 cus i want it to be unlimited for any user, i only plan to add a couple of users and i have plenty of free bandwidth but the problem is that i tried with 2 different ISP's and i can only download at 500-600 kb/s. Thing is, if i open more clients, all of them will download at the same speed, at the same time, so it looks like theres some kind of limit per client that i dont want to have. Heres that part of my proftpd.conf, does anyone know why each client seems to be limited ?
TransferRate RETR 999999
TransferRate STOR 999999
TransferRate STOU 999999
TransferRate APPE 999999

I only tried to download with flashfxp, afaik its the best client for windows.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks