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Help with the NS - Thanks guys!

01-05-2009, 22:31
I see Joomla

Now I will leave you with this wonderful poem about time that I havn't even read...

It flies by us, when we're having fun.
It makes the moon rise, and lowers the radiant sun.
It wrinkles a young face, with old age.
It breaks a teenager's bond's, from the motherly cage.
It beats a mountain, until it falls.
It births a child, whenever life calls.
It changes the verses, while you're reading this rhyme.
How this all happens, you will know, with time.

Jack W-H
01-05-2009, 22:02

I'm a cheapskate so have one of your free domains, with paid hosting elsewhere. It already hosts my main site, but I'm trying to run another site from within a subdirectory.

I've used the cPanel on my host to add an 'Add-On Domain', to add my OVH domain - the document root is /public_html/juicydomains with no redirection.

I'm being hosted with Just Host, and their NS are, and

What I've done is added them in the OVF control panel like this:

I know it takes a few hours to propogate the domain name. I visited it and it said 'Page not found', So two hours later I came back and now I see this:

Is this meant to happen? Surely if it's propogated so I can see this it should now be pointing at my actual website (currently a blank Joomla installation), or will it still take longer to propogate?

I thought, when viewing the full DNS settings, I'd have to change the 'NS' fields but they don't have any ways to edit them?

Many thanks for your help.