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Yet another bandwidth related question

03-05-2009, 23:12
And this so-called "burst allowance"?

03-05-2009, 22:29

No servers can currently burst to 1Gbps unless you buy business bandwidth. OVH changed this because too many customers were complaining of problems when trying to go over 100Mbps and getting themselves into noSLA mode (as it was at the time) etc. So now OVH propose only guaranteed bandwidth, rather than burstable bandwidth. Thats OVH's pure aim, rather than offering a port they can't guarantee the speed of at low costs (like other DC's try to do).

You can speak with customer services about a bespoke solution, but I wouldn't hold up your hopes.

03-05-2009, 21:55
Currently I'm not a customer of OVH - I'd like to know what I'm getting before I purchase. As I said, I need something that can burst to 1000Mbps for short periods of time.. only one server.

I'd still like to know what the "burst allowance" is, as well as if there is an actual hard cap in place on the so called "burstable" servers. Again, I see no reason as to why a server on a 95th percentile plan should be rate limited to less than what the speed of the NIC is negotiated at. The priority of the bandwidth on the burstable and premium plans seems to be the same.. so you're effectively paying the same amount for a lesser amount of bandwidth (200Mbps at all times vs 15Mbps 95th percentile) when you have only one server under your account. Obviously it makes sense to get the premium plan if you have just one server and I only need 200Mbps, but I need bursting capability.. which you'd think the burstable plan would allow. Has OVH been known to make exceptions in certain cases? Hopefully someone from the company can read this and understand my point...

Also, it's worth noting that in the past when OVH had that "101Mbps" rule, on 1000Mbps servers it was possible to burst to 1000 with no issue.. so long as no more than 101Mbps average usage was sustained (or 101Mbps average over the course of a month).


03-05-2009, 12:05
To be honest, I've never understood the point of the burstable series or how it works better compared to the other series... Would you not be better off with Standard or Traffic series? How many servers do you have at OVH? If its only 1 or 2, then Standard series will be best for you.

OVH don't offer ANY servers that burst to 1Gbps to the Internet without paying for un-metered business traffic which is over £800/month, even if the NIC is 1Gbps. The best you can get is 200Mbps, on the EG servers and above. SP servers do not allow 200Mbps as its NIC is only 100Mbps.

02-05-2009, 21:45
So I've done my research on OVH's bandwidth plans but I can't find an answer on a few items.

I would like some clarification on this:


For people who pass traffic all over the world and need it guaranteed but can't afford high speed all the time.

100Mbps-200Mbps* OVH > Internet (Peering)
100Mbps-200Mbps* OVH > Internet (Transit)
100Mbps-200Mbps* Internet > OVH
100Mbps-200Mbps* OVH > OVH
Unmetered Bandwidth
100Mbps burst allowance
Bandwidth is NOT guaranteed at PEAK times over TRANSIT
Bandwidth priority: Normal

Bandwidth allowance is based on 95th percentile

If the bandwidth average exceeds 15Mbps (minus the top 5% of "peaks" in bandwidth):
…OVH > Internet (Peering) speed will be dropped to 15Mbps with no burst allowance.
…OVH > Internet (Transit) speed will be dropped to 15Mbps with no burst allowance.
Bandwidth priority: Low

95th percentile is calculated daily and adjusted accordingly
Typically in a 95th percentile scenario you should be able to burst to the speed of whatever the NIC in your box is negotiated at. At OVH, am I still hard capped to 200Mbps on a 1000Mbps server on the burstable plan? What is this "burst allowance" of 100Mbps? If there is a hard cap, can I have it removed? I don't see what the difference is when I have a fixed amount of traffic I can utilize every month anyway.

My application requires infrequent inbound and outbound bursts of traffic to other 1000Mbps servers in the vicinity in europe. With that said, my traffic over the course of the month will still be under the 95th percentile amount of 15/20/25Mbps depending on which server I buy. Assume all my traffic will go over peered lines - I understand the prioritization at OVH.

Could someone please clear this up? There are all these mentions of guarantees but nothing of what actual hard caps are in place on the switches.