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Missing hdd

15-05-2009, 18:53
Now that the USB disk is back, I've gone through the ticket about this issue.

I can tell you that, if the engineers took off the wrong one is because the keys for the engineers to access the server were removed, so they had to do the intervention "blind". If the key was there, I'm sure the error would have been avoided.

I agree that, a tag system for the USB drives, as some of you have suggested, would help on that (which we'll take into account for the future), but the main point is the one above.

Another different thing I would like to comment is about using a Kimsufi server to place what, it looks like by your reaction, such a mission critical application.

We'll never get tired of explaining that the idea of a Kimsufi server is a personal server for small/personal applications. Not to host a 24/7 application or critical mission application for business. To do that, you should go for the PRO range.

It's not just a matter of better hardware features (processing power, RAID disks, bigger disks, ... ) or bandwidth (better speeds, priority traffic over other non-PRO servers, ...) but also the intervention SLA.

I'm sure everybody understands that the Intervention times for issues on PRO servers are far much better than for Kimsufis and RPSs. Also, for PRO servers there a compensations if we don't comply with the SLA, which don't exist for Kimsufis or RPS.

It's not that we neglect the responsibilities towards those servers at all, but there is just a difference of products and servers.

Hope this helps to understand things better from now and on.

14-05-2009, 21:19
I guess the underlying problem is the USB disks are not identifiable.

What hosts could do is put an asset tag on each USB disk when it is delivered from their supplier; and when a customer orders a USB disk, they could pick one and tell the customer the identifier on the asset tag.

Any customer requests for physical action on a USB disk would give the asset tag identifier.

14-05-2009, 20:49

This level of support is beyond a joke, your very close to loosing a valuable client did you guys even bother to read the ticket or just skip through it?.

This is a "live" webhosting server with client's files on it, which i dont think you understand. We had asked you to remove the newest usb hardrive we had in place, you removed the hard drive we have had in place for months instead, if the hd is not plugged in by tonight you can say goodbye.

If you trying to say the hard drive had failed we had no intervention or email to inform us of the hard drive failure, isnt it a bit strange that the hard drive is missing after we asked you to remove the latest usb hd.

What i dont understand is how ovh can bring out new services, but they cant even manage or support there current products ?, what ovh needs to do is focus on there support!!.

14-05-2009, 19:22

Please see kernal log

May 13 00:29:26 web1 kernel: usb 2-2: USB disconnect, address 3


14-05-2009, 19:19

There was nothing wrong with the disk you just unplugged the wrong one please read the ticket in full. It was working perfect untill you unplugged it.


14-05-2009, 18:32
I've never understood the stupid price of sending you the disk... We already pay for it, then you want us to pay 3x the cost of the disk to send it to us? Where is the justification for this price? Its ridiculous.

14-05-2009, 18:30
To recover the old disk or its contents, we will send you upon request the failed disk by UPS at a price of 250
Is it cheaper by DHL?

14-05-2009, 17:36
I've looked into this, and an intervention had been scheduled to check your usb drive.

Regarding data on the previous usb disk, I reffer you to the message on our website here:

Guarantee of your disk
Your USB disk is guaranteed for life. In case of fault, we replace it with a new one (thanks to the MRTG surveillance).
To recover the old disk or its contents, we will send you upon request the failed disk by UPS at a price of 250. .

14-05-2009, 16:31

14-05-2009, 16:12
Could you give the ticket number...

14-05-2009, 14:11

We do keep ofsite backups at however the restore process is very slow and as ovh have caused this issue I would expect them to just plug the drive back in and resolve it, over 24hrs now and still an issue.


14-05-2009, 01:04
Don't you have a backup of the files that you can restore on the empty HDD?

13-05-2009, 22:51
The story goes I have a server that has 250gb internal hdd and a 500gb usb hdd, The plan was to add an extra 500gb usb hdd for backup reasons. The hdd was ordered and installed into the server, on reboot the two usb hdd's some how caused a conflict that required booting the server into kvm mode to edit the /etc/fstab and reboot from hdd. The pan was then to remove the usb hdd that was just added and order a new server for remote backups and instll the hdd there. ovh said this was fine and removed the hdd, however they removed the wrong usb hdd and currently I have around 40 websites ofline and missing 400gb of data, Just a warning to anyone who is thinking about using more than one usb hdd.

I will post the outcome of the open support ticket I have with the datacenter here.