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Soyons fous
15-05-2009, 15:40
Yesterday an article appeared comparing hosting of dedicated
servers in Europe and the amount of servers they host:

There is therefore a mistake on our end due on one of
our subsidiaries' website that is not up to date with the
number of servers. It will be corrected within 30 minutes.

But it's also true that OVH with 55,000 dedicated servers (55,102
for to be precise + shared webhosting servers, OVH, ...)
would be the No. 1 in dedicated server.

Ex aequo ...

Well, then, I take this news to formalize the fact that
Ovh permanently removes the cost of installation on
dedicated servers. The measure put in place there for 6 months
to fight the turnover does not result.
We therefore removed because it does not work.

Well enjoy ... and on its way to 60,000 dedicated servers?
so we will avoid discussion ...

Thank you in advance