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Custom Nameservers

24-06-2009, 15:00
Quote Originally Posted by DedicatedPros
Don't take me for a fool
Mailname should be the fqdn also FYI :P

24-06-2009, 14:14
Don't take me for a fool

24-06-2009, 11:53
Don't get confused between hostname and fully-qualified domain name.

One should be one word i.e 'server'

The other should be

23-06-2009, 12:02
I like easy Thanks a lot Myatu and Marks

23-06-2009, 11:16
The reverse DNS resolution of your IP or IPs can be configured through the manager at:

OVH Manager >> your server >> Services >> IPv4 reverse

After that, you can change the hostname internally in the OS and you'd have changed everything.

22-06-2009, 20:06
Ok thx

22-06-2009, 19:38
Check the files "/etc/hostname" and "/etc/hosts" (same location for 99% of Linux distros).

Although this would change the hostname internally (on the server), a reverse lookup will still show ns**** If you wish to change that as well, you have to resolve using your own DNS server as described earlier.

22-06-2009, 18:26
Is there some kind of a way to edit a few files currently on the server and replace OVH's hostname with mine (after I add the proper info in my domain manager)? The reason I ask is because I want this to take as little time as possible, so when I get a Linux server I could just login via SSH, edit a few config files and be done in five

20-06-2009, 17:59
There's two area you'll need to look at in this case: the WHOIS side and the DNS Server side.

If you have purchased the domain name at OVH, changing what will be returned in the WHOIS database is fairly easy:

Login to your OVH Manager -> select your domain name -> select "Domains & DNS" services -> select "GLUE registry".

Once you're on this page, you can add/change the NS entries. The IP address for OVH's main DNS server is

Note: You can only do this 24 hours AFTER purchase. Also, keep OVH's servers as one of your DNS servers (even if you make it appear as, say, ""). Finally, the IP addresses you enter MUST be active (ie., can be connected to).

On the DNS side of things, you will need to install / run your own DNS server. There are many different servers available depending on the platform you're using. For example, Linux users could use BIND or PowerDNS.

Once you have setup the server, simply add "NS" records like "" and "". Then you create "A" records, where "" points to the IP address of the server where BIND or PowerDNS is running, and where "" is pointing to

Lastly, you set your DNS server as a "Master" and allow transfers to IP address "" **ONLY** (read your DNS server's docs).

Once done, visit the OVH Manager, select your server, select "Services", select "Secondary DNS services" and click "New Domain". Now you enter the domain name, say, "", select the IP address of *your* DNS server (the one listens on) and you're done.

When you have completed this, your DNS server is the "master" and OVH's DNS server will copy (transfer) all the details whenever a change has been made to your master (ie., you add records like ""). The changes do not take immediate effect - generally within 30 minutes in your immediate surroundings and 24 hours for the rest of the world.

I'll write a Wiki for this at

20-06-2009, 11:53
By default when we order Kimsufi/OVH servers we get either of these DNS names by default:

So my question is how we can change these names to resolve to our domains, for example:

Any help would be greatly appreciated