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IPv6 and veth / bridged OpenVZ/Proxmox

29-06-2009, 18:27
A booming voice from above "You have asked for the impossible, Sir!" I guess I'll stay in my missery...

27-06-2009, 05:13
So I'm using Proxmox, but might as well say OpenVZ as that's the main part I'm using. Currently, I'm using either NAT or ARP to route the IPv4 failovers to where they need to be... All good and well.

Supposedly you can assign a failover IP directly without using NAT or ARP - okay, never tried it but I'll take your word for it

Now, since IPv6 doesn't have NAT for obvious reasons, I want to assign an IPv6 directly. For venet this works fine. Just give it an IP using your OVH prefix, tweak one or two settings here and there and voila! Good to go.

However, the problem comes in with veth, which is bridged with vmbr0. You can't bridge vmbr0 with eth0 (due to the multiple MAC addresses). I've seen that OVH puts in a dummy0 by default and felix (kro) pointed out that this will allow direct assignments of IPs to veth. That may be so for IPv4, but not IPv6 (it will not be accessible from the rest of the world).

I've tried a load of different things, basing them on Changing routing, etc., etc. But to me it seems, that as long it cannot be bridged with eth0, I'm stuck to using venet if I want IPv6 addresses to be accessible from the outside...

So my question is, did anyone have success with public (with OVH's prefix) IPv6 on a veth interface using either OpenVZ and Proxmox? If so, could you put me out of my misery by telling me how you managed it?