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Changing nameserver problem

29-06-2009, 18:19

Thanks for the reply, You may find that i have already fired an email to the email address on your website

Thanks for looking into it for me

29-06-2009, 12:33
It looks like there are a some orders that haven't been closed properly. I'll have a look and I'll be getting back to you by email soon.

For issues like this, you should be coming to the support (by email or by phone). Post problems like this in the forum aren't of much help for the rest of the community. And there is not guarantee that an OVH support member will be looking at it. Instead, we answer all the emails at within 24 working hours.


28-06-2009, 02:13

trying to change my nameservers for


and all i get is

There is already a blocking operation in spool, please wait that it finishes inserting a new one
Your order was paid on 21/09/2008 a 20:01:14 - Your order is in progress

Also it says orders in progress on and which ive had for a few months

Can you get this fixed for me and change my nameservers?

my nic is: gj25725-ovh