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Which DC is my server in?

30-06-2009, 20:33
Thanks Myntu

30-06-2009, 20:26
Login to your manager. The main summary page for your dedicated server will list "Rack Space", ie in case of mine it's in 05D14.

Servers in the range of Ann through Znn, where nn is a 2 digit numner are located in P19, Paris.

Servers in the range of 01Ann through 17Fnn, as well as those in the range of CT1nn are in RBX-1, Roubaix (near Lille).

Servers in the range of 21Ann through 24Dnn are located in RBX-2, Roubaix.

So, my server would be located in the RBX-1 DC. Nice little touch is that you can then select "Server State" from from the left-hand side, followed by "Real Time Monitoring" and then VMS. It allows you to view the status of servers in your rack - or the entire datacenter.

30-06-2009, 19:51
How can I check which DC a server is in? The one I am interested in today is 94.23.211.x but it would be handy to know how to check myself.