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Help - Constant Server Interventions

07-07-2009, 01:09
Right. If you're absolutely certain your server is fine, then it may be a better idea to disable to Server Monitoring (which can be done through the OVH Manager), which will prevent the intervention messages. Do note, that if you disable this and something is truly wrong with the server, OVH is not likely to find out about it...

06-07-2009, 21:51
Hi Myatu, thanks for your response, unfortunately i've already tried all that before i even called OVH tech support. There isn't any virtualisation software installed on the box (just vanilla windows 2008 web edition install with some additional features for ftp etc)
There are no firewalls that have setup a virtual network device, no VPN software, ipconfig /all only returns the correct HW MAC address per my conversation with tech support. They also provided me with the other invalid MAC addresses, which for the first 4 pairs are the same as my valid address, only the last 2 pairs of characters are incorrect.
I wouldn't have minded too much about the call, but the analyst who i was put through to was extremely insistant that whatever was wrong was all my fault, and that i was the only one who could fix it. He didn't even seem to have the list of interventions available regarding my server, despite them having been the ones to raise them in the first place.

06-07-2009, 19:05
When OVH sees traffic coming from an invalid MAC address, OVH will block the server from its network.

If you have Server Monitoring enabled, this particular service would assume that your server has a problem (because it can no longer ping your server as it has been blocked from the network).

So, given that, you could possibly disable the Server Monitoring service. However, if have never encountered or heard of a time where OVH blocked a server when the MAC address was in fact correct.

That said, it pays for you to run a deeper check into your system, and see what *might* cause this. For example, are you using Virtualization software such as Xen, Proxmox, VMWare, SUN xVM Virtualbox? Are you using firewalls that setup a virtual internet device? Are you using software like OpenVPN that creates a new TAP/TUN internet device? All these could potentially cause MAC address issues.

One starting point is:

ipconfig /all

from the command line.

06-07-2009, 12:28
Was wondering if anyone can help
My server has had 4 interventions since yesterday morning. In each case the server wasn't restarted, it hadn't blue screened, crashed, or rebooted in any way, and it just came back up.
I've just spent some time on the phone to support who claim the following:
Traffic from the server is using an invalid MAC address - There is no locally administered address, no application installed that can spoof network traffic, no trojans, viruses or other such application / malware.
Server is restarting itself - Server event logs show no sign of server restart, and indeed the logged on session on the server is still present after the interventions, in the same state it was before.
The helpdesk person seems to show no interest in looking into what the problem is, except to blame me and tell me i need to investigate this.
Any help would be appreciated - server is