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Horder email backup...

23-07-2009, 20:19
Hi to everyone here, I've just signed up with OVH after discovering they are 4 times cheaper and 4 times more powerful than my existing server provider. I've got the kimisufi XL server and it's running great at the moment.

What I'm currently doing is migrating everything from the old server over to the new one. Files and databases are all good, the only remaining problem I have is that one of my clients uses horde webmail quite heavily and I will need to move all of the e-mails and address books etc over to the new server.

As far as I can tell there is no backup/import/export tool for emails (although there is for the address book), so the only other option would be to retreive the user files from the horder installation. So my question is this: where is horder installed onto Plesk or where does OVH place it if anyone knows?

Many thanks for the help in advance!!