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IPv4 Reverse Question

24-07-2009, 22:03
I just have

Make sure your domain is set for the server that is sending emails (if any and one) as that helps to get your email a lower spam score

24-07-2009, 16:40
Ok, I'll mess around with Plesk and the OVH manager and see what I get

24-07-2009, 14:58
leaseweb setup the PTR record as on all IP's - this is valid. They do not however add a matching A record to that IP.

If you resolve it is In turn this IP resolves to (

This is a valid setup but an illegal rDNS. The only valid rDNS for is, all the others are illegal but valid and wont resolve via

So yes you can set all your PTR records to but they will not resolve over rDNS unless there is a matching A record.

Ive used leaseweb for many years and everytime i ask for a new IP they set the default PTR to Perfectly valid and it resolves to an IP, but the reverse on the IP is so its doesnt work as a rDNS.

Hope this is useful, when i talk about reverse dns i tend to find myself talking in repeating circles :P

24-07-2009, 14:35
You could have as an example

OVH do similar with their and etc, but without the hosted-by bit.

24-07-2009, 14:31
Ok I thought there was a way as all of leaseweb's servers resolve to but I guess not.

Thanks for the info

24-07-2009, 14:07
You have to have a different rDNS on all of your servers, since the rDNS must resolve to the IP and the IP to the rDNS. That's what its designed for, so its not actually possible to have it the same on them all.

24-07-2009, 12:05
for rDNS to work correctly it needs a corresponding A record - a wildcard just wont work :'(

its the protocol which requires it.

If i understand correctly then logically you would disable your domain by wildcarding * (as all requests would go that that A record, www, ftp, smtp, pop, imap etc )

24-07-2009, 10:52
I setup a custom reverse on one of my servers today and figured I should do it on all of them to make myself look more professional, but I can't figure out how can I set the same reverse on all my servers without a hassle. Normally I'd just set the proper A and NS records on my server (domain host doesn't allow access to that when you use a third party host) and I can set the reverse in the manager with no problem. But the real question is; can I setup a wildcard A record so that "" would work on all servers and I wouldn't have to create a new A record every time?

I think what I'm asking for is fairly unrealistic as from what I understand you can't set a wildcard IP in the A records, so I might be stuck with the manual work :-/