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MySQL ODBC Driver Help

31-07-2009, 15:52
Awesome, thanks for the extra security tips. I'll be sure to implement.

31-07-2009, 01:18 is a nice way to easily set up a VPN. You can also encrypt it with various methods too. I use it myself for connection to my computers when away from home. It avoids the use of portforwarding for every PC I connect to it.

31-07-2009, 01:01
Use a ssh tunnel for extra security if you want.

30-07-2009, 22:57
Thank you all for the responses. I've managed to get it working perfectly.

29-07-2009, 21:54
For the linux system it is by default listening on only but in the case of windows I don't know. For linux you need to comment out the bind-address line in my.cnf

29-07-2009, 21:23
Using phpMyAdmin you can set up each user to listen on certain hosts. Set the host to your dedicated server IP and bob's your uncle.

29-07-2009, 21:22
Is ODBC required. Can you not just listen on all interfaces for your mysql server and supply its hostname/ip as the server to connect to ? Filter with iptables to make it more secure if you want.

29-07-2009, 20:51
Hi all,

I'm currently renting an RPS server, which I use for hosting purposes, alongside a dedicated server, which I use for hosting game servers.

I have several server side plugins which rely on a MySQL DB, which I'm hosting on my RPS server.

I'm trying to figure out how to setup an ODBC driver, and configure it, so I can connect from my dedicated server to my RPS server.

I'm pretty sure I've got the ODBC drivers installed on the dedicated server, but I'm struggling with how to configure it to connect to the RPS MySQL database.

I'd appreciate any help.