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Forward Domain

02-08-2009, 17:18
From the Manager, select the domain that you want to forward (left-hand menu or drop-down list). The page 'Summary -' opens.
Under 'Access to sections', select 'Hosting'. The page 'Website hosting management' opens.
Under 'Redirections', select 'Web redirections'. The page 'Web redirections' opens.
Under 'Web redirections management', select 'Create'.

Now enter the details of which subdomain (if any) you want to redirect and the target address. To redirect the root domain, leave the first box empty. Don't worry that there's a dot at the beginning of what's left.

Select the type of redirect -- 'visible' is a 301. I have always had to tick the box for deleting the old config. Tick it the first time and it saves having to come back and set it all up again. AFAICS, there's no reason why you can't redirect to an off-site hosted address. You may also want to add a wildcard CNAME entry for the domain that you're redirecting or add further redirects for specific subdomains (e.g., www).


01-08-2009, 00:29
OVH only seem to allow you to forward from a subdomain to a domain so it would go something like --- >>>

31-07-2009, 23:05
I do use their registration but not their nameservers. Using your own nameservers you can do as you please

31-07-2009, 22:48

I don't use Ovh for domain registration, so I can't help, sorry

31-07-2009, 22:21
Nah that wont work

31-07-2009, 22:19
Point the domain to OVH's nameservers and see if that will do the trick

31-07-2009, 22:17
I never had a problem with godaddy forwarding -- But i thought i would use ovh But cant find the option to forward the domains

31-07-2009, 22:14
I don't buy domains from OVH but if there is an option it will be labeled something like forward

Most registrars don't allow you to access that information unless you set the DNS names to that particular companies, so that's your way in I'm just not sure if that hosting account has to actually exist, they might run a check to make sure the domain is actually hosted.

31-07-2009, 21:53
I have bought some domains from OVH - I have two i'm not going to use so how do you forward them in the OVH manager to the domain name your using ? So if people typed the domain name in their browser it would take them to my domain name i'm using on my live webiste