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Where is php version 5 ?

03-08-2009, 10:37
Hi, yes you just put 'SetEnv PHP_VER 5' in .htaccess file to run PHP 5.2.

More info,

03-08-2009, 08:50
Excellent, glad it worked out. That's a good tip too - worth a sticky

pugg mahone
03-08-2009, 08:15
thanks for the replys.

I found my answer by searching the web for "php4 php5 htaccess" using quotes.

The OVH help files only offer the suggestion that you can use .php5 on all your php files as an extension to force the case.

But I needed to install a prepackaged 10 meg program (Piwik).

So the easiest way is to put --- SetEnv PHP_VER 5 --- in an .htaccess file placed in the folder in question.



90 Plan
just webspace from OVH

01-08-2009, 20:51
From your phpinfo() I can see you're using OVH's Webspace, so this is something you need to discuss with OVH support by e-mailing them or calling them.

P.S.: Did you try Google Analytics?

01-08-2009, 13:59
And why is this in General discussions?

Do you own a dedicated server, or just webspace from OVH?
If server, then it is your job to keep the software to the required standards.
When you only have webspace then I would speak to OVH.

01-08-2009, 12:23
You know it would be helpful if you stated what software you run on your server, besides php...

pugg mahone
01-08-2009, 09:36
Hello to all,

I want to run piwik on my site.

Piwik is an open source web analytics software.

it requires:
- php 5.1.3 minimum

If you will surf on over to:

you will see that OVH is running:
PHP Version 4.4.9
Is there some mistake?
FYI piwik works fine on my xampp winxp home setup.
What now must we do?

Piwik is released under the GPL v3 license

- php 5.1.3 minimum
- mysql 4.1
- php PDO module enabled
- OS / server independant

- Upload piwik in your webserver
- Point your browser to the directory
- Follow the steps
- Add the given javascript code to your pages