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cPanel prices

04-08-2009, 16:57
My control panel doesn't like server upgrades. Well. Everything is chrooted so infact it doesn't mind at all. It jsut doesn't get upgraded as well . It sure is fast though. No bloated crap to contend with

04-08-2009, 13:25
Its all Java based so the pages take a while to load up; there are less configurable options; their support is really, really bad; Plesk keeps screwing up when I upgrade my PHP using Parallels' recommended methods; there are less forums/threads that are aimed at Plesk support (most of them are for cPanel); compared to cPanel it has very little advanced tutorials; WHMCS won't recognize the file structure for some reason; I, like many people am very familiar with the system; when getting support from companies that do programming or sell some kind of server software/addons they always have on hand support for cPanel, Plesk not so much...

I could keep going on

04-08-2009, 12:37
And why is that ? I only use it to setup my domains -- Everything else like backup's i do over ssh and ftp !

04-08-2009, 12:21
No offense, but I think we all know Plesk blows

04-08-2009, 12:13

04-08-2009, 11:50
I'm not sure how much cPanel charges its resellers, but they definitely have discounts for big resellers as many sell licenses for $36 or $38 per month (which means they get some kind of discount for sure otherwise they probably would not break even between taxes, gateways fees, business costs etc.), but if a company such as OVH (with 60,000 dedicated servers) offered cPanel licenses for $20 per month I'm sure many, many people would buy them (that is the point of these internal licenses, they are meant to be very cheap as they can only be used on that one server without the possibility of a transfer).

If I can get an external license cheaper than an internal, something needs to be done...

04-08-2009, 11:36
The starting price for cPanel from cPanel themselves is $35.00 per server license and $11.00 per VPS license. Obviously more discounts are applied depending on the number you are selling.

04-08-2009, 10:53
As I'm sure many of you know cPanel is the most popular control panel around, its also fairly pricey but you can always get them from either a reseller or from your DC for a better price. Now the thing with reseller licenses is that they're external, so you can install them on any server you'd like, but licenses given out by the DC are internal, so they're only good for that one server.

Now what really drives me insane is that internal licenses are always very cheap (compared to external), somewhere around 23USD per month, so I have a question to OVH; why in the hell do you sell your internal cPanel licenses for 29 (~49USD)

The best deal I could find for an external is 33USD per month, which is ok, but if I could get a better deal from OVH...

OVH - 29GBP (VAT included) - ~49USD
Reseller - 33USD - ~19.50GBP
cPanel - 425USD (per one year), 35.42USD monthly - ~21GBP