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DNS Servers

05-08-2009, 16:41
djbdns ftw! despite its crappy name and troublesome install procedure!

05-08-2009, 08:41
idd, very easy run djbdns or bind and even easier to use a free third party supplier

04-08-2009, 23:21
Time to setup your own DNS :P Or use a third party provider such as DynDNS.

04-08-2009, 21:34

according to there you have taken your DNS servers offline for upgrades - why are you doing them all at once? the entire point of using 2 DNS servers is that you can take 1 offline without suffering an outage, is there a reason you decided to take all of them offline at once and cause an outage?

i thought OVH's DNS servers would be good enough that i wouldn't need to provide my own as well, due to you providing 2 - however those 2 are no more reliable than if you'd just provided 1 if you're going to take them both offline at the same time!