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RPS Low disk space

24-09-2009, 20:45
You could try resizing the partitions, but I personally feel quite uncomfortable doing so at the risk of messing up existing data. It's up to you though.

One other possibility is to do "bind" mounts (See "man mount", "--bind"), which essentially allows you to mount directories from other volumes. Almost like symlinking, but not...

24-09-2009, 16:20
Its running CentOS with YUM as a package manager and Ive run the YUM clean commands, ive also removed all rotated log files etc, Ive got WHM/Cpanel installed on it but unsure how much space this takes, i have also moved all the MySQL datafiles to the /home/ partition.

However my core / partition is only 5gb and is consuming approx 4.5gb of it thus only 500mb space which keeps dropping to 100mb and then I have to clear some cache files out.

Is there anyway to make this partition bigger? or possibly delete/move stuff to free up some room? ideas?

22-09-2009, 17:18
If you're managing software using APT, try "apt-get autoremove". This will remove any dependencies that are no longer required by the software currently installed. Also try "apt-get clean" to remove any stored archives in your cache; this removed ~200MB for me.

It might be worth look around for any large speedtest files still stored; I had quite a few test.bin, 100mb.bin and 250mb.bin that I hadn't deleted after testing iSCSI speeds.

22-09-2009, 17:05

Right, I know a bit about linux but just wondered if anyone has any input, our RPS has 5gb disk space for the OS and then 50gb on the /home mount, now Im showing 5gb/4.5gb used and 250mb free ...

Anyone know what can be removed? cleaned up? or any helpful commands I pretty much know DF -H and that's about it. Ive cleaned excess log files out of var/logs ... but unsure where to go now?