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Diomede Online Storage ($0.03 /GB)

22-02-2010, 19:34
Those curl examples are very useful.

Apparently, this provider offers storage at $0.05 /GB per month, with no transfer fees. Could be interesting once they launch.

22-02-2010, 19:17
Thanks Steve, will do. I used to be in contact with Ross, but the last time I got something back was in late Nov. Will pick this up again...

22-02-2010, 17:55
Hi everyone,

I just learned of this thread, so I thought I'd write in to try and pick things back up that may have been dropped a couple months ago. Myatu, sorry if you didn't hear back from us, my contact info is below and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Plus, I believe we have significantly improved our documentation since you checked it out a couple months ago. We've added some example REST requests and responses, and example cUrl commands to reproduce these yourself.

Link to updated Diomede Storage docs:

Again, thanks for the interest in Diomede Storage and we'd love to help out with a FUSE-based project.


Steve Iverson
CEO, Diomede Storage
office: 415-963-4112 x914

29-11-2009, 00:27
Re that Fuse remark: There are a few points of vagueness in Diomede's API and I've contacted them to get some more info. 1st e-mail was quick to respond, the 2nd one fell on a deaf ear So I'll have to dig through the source of their DioCLI...

Since Diomede doesn't have per-request fees, it'll make the option for a network block device actually feasible for their service. However, looking at the high block writes for my server, caching is in order, so no simultaneous use should be allowed (and therefore need to put in safeguards to avoid data corruption).

28-11-2009, 04:48
awesome, thanks unclebob

17-11-2009, 20:53
Yes indeed very interesting

14-11-2009, 15:27
This is interesting

14-11-2009, 15:19
This is *very* much appreciated! Thanks!

My only concern is data storage outside the EU, but I think I can work with this. Thanks again!

And PS: Re that filesystem. Still working on it, as I've hit a few snags. Problem is a good balance between available resources and performance. Most ones I know of store it on a local HD first, then send it off to S3. I don't like that, so had to think of all kinds of ways to avoid this, etc., etc. Diomede does have an API, so who knows

13-11-2009, 21:32
Just came across this interesting proposal for cheap storage, kinda like Amazon S3 but much, much cheaper.

Three redundant copies can be stored offline (< 4hrs access time) for $0.03 /GB per month. Though you can customise this to whatever level of redundancy and availability you want. 1-5 copies; offline files; shortline files, online files.

I'd plan to store two offline and one online ($0.01*2 + $0.034*1 per month) so I can have instant access but enough redundancy if data loss occurs. Bandwidth is $0.075 /GB, almost half that of S3.

One downside is that there's few applications available that use Diomede and no FUSE integration, unlike S3 that has s3fs *cough* Myatu? *cough*