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Speed issues

16-11-2009, 14:32
Don't use, as it is not reliable (At, I can get 70Mbits from a 7.2Mbps capable broadband modem - Eh?!). Have a look here at other methods:

You're right that vss1-2-6k is a bit congested though. Have a look here:

16-11-2009, 11:30
Right, so I'm priveledged enough to have access to a connection that tops out at about 95Mb Down 35Mb up.

However when I try and ftp to my OVH server due to connecting through vss2-2-6k or vss1-2-6k (not sure which, but both are HEAVILY congested when it comes to upload connecting to london), I max out at about 20Mb download and 25Mb upload. I'm sure it's not my part of the backbone, as I'm connected directly into JaNet (one of those lucky uni students).

Any way to fix the speed? Would be nice to get at least 70Mb or so out of download.

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