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Slow FTP d/l and upgrade advice

17-11-2014, 07:46
If you are referring to the OVH VPS Cloud and Classic, yes in our interface you can get up reverse on the IP we give you.

27-11-2009, 17:33
There are no such restrictions on protocols. Some protocols are just slower (especially if the connection has more latency).

27-11-2009, 10:47
Thanks IainK,

I haven't actually tried u/l to the OVH from domestic line, will give that a try later. I thought there might be some bandwidth restrictions on ssh/ftp ports. This is based on the fact that I can send data fast from OVH to Internet, but not from OVH to my domestic line. Perhaps there are more hops to my domestic line..........DOH! Why haven't I tried this from my works Internet account??? That might provide some answers as to speed.

I may need to just play around a bit longer and try it on different distros. I noticed that some of the pre-configured distros had different access/services available. Probably going to need a lot of trial and error. Like I mentioned earlier I have this just as a playground and I have a steep learning curve ahead of me.

27-11-2009, 08:45
@silkobilko: When you are uploading to the internet from your OVH server you are only reading from the shared disk space. However when you are uploading to your OVH server from the Internet you are writing. All (or almost all) hard disk drives can read faster than they can be written to so this could be part of the reason why.

But there are many reasons why you could be experiencing this slow down. The switch your server is connected to could be congested, the shared hard disks could be getting pushed to their limits, there could be limits imposed on the write speed or priority of your access to the shared disc or it could even be network configuration in the kernel. And that's to name just a few.

I would recommend playing with a few distributions to see which provides the best performance. Also you could try out one of the tutorials from the How-To section, install a clean stock distribution and see if it runs any better.

I've found with all OVH services that experimentation can lead to a much better level of service.

* No promises a stock kernel will have adequate kernel modules (drivers) for all the hardware but I would suspect it will work.

27-11-2009, 08:37
Thank you monkey56657.

So 1,2 and 5 are PICNIC problems !
After a clean install I managed to get 8.04 to see the upgrade to 8.10

I think 3 is easily fixed, I will have to shop around for an answer

Ref 4. After tests from different OS's I am begining to think that the NXclient on Mac is just a bit buggy / not fully compatible with Snow Leopard

**** EDIT **** There is a known issue when using MacBook.

6 Confuses me slightly. If I can u/l at high speed to the Internet, why can't I upload to my domestic box at high speed. The data is held on the same disks? Perhaps I am just not picturing the disk architecture the right way.

Thanks again for your response

26-11-2009, 22:46
There is no limit on the software you can install. Some will just be very tricky to get going.

Some protocols will be better for download speed but there are no domestic only limits in place. The RPS is using network disk so this may affect some transfer performance.. but you can always use RAM as temporary storage.

Experiment more

26-11-2009, 22:33

I have rented an RPS1 for a month trial. I am relatively new to them and am using this as a testbed. I have run into a few issues of which I am unsure are my n00by user errors or server restrictions. I don't necessarily need a walkthrough for my queries (I don't mind researching forums and trying things out). I just don't want to waste hours trying to do something that isn't possible without physical access or is against the small print I failed to read!

Bear in mind that there may be no logic to why I want to do the things I do, it is purely for educational purposes and the challenge.

1. I have installed Ubuntu 9.04 32bit server. I then tried to install a Gnome desktop and then nxclient into it. Each method I used resulted in me having to re-install and try again. Failing each time. Can a Gnome desktop be installed on 9.04 server so that I can remote into it on a GUI ?

2. When I played around with Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 I tried to upgrade this via GUI (but usual tick boxes were greyed out). Tried via SSH, but as above I failed and had to do several re-installs. Can this be upgraded or am I deliberately prevented from doing so ?

3. On a clean install of 8.04 desktop there is an error pop-up ref. Gnome deamon failing to start every time I log in. Is this normal for a clean install...every time?

4. Accessing the desktop from a Mac OSX snow leopard with nxclient results in very frequent dropped connections when logging in. SSH is stable and it doesn't seem to happen as frequently from Windows/Linux NXclient. Is this a known issue with Mac's ?

5. I tried to install a VNCserver to 8.04 desktop, via GUI and SSH. I have had no luck in connecting to it via a VNCclient. I am guessing that this might be a port-forwarding / port block problem. I appreciate that NXclient can do the job, but I want to do these things for the challenge of it. Can VNC be used or is it my own inexperience that is preventing VNC from working?

6. Downloads and uploads via the RPS on the internet are astounding and live up to their promises, but when I SFTP/FTP/WinSCP/SCP onto the server to retrieve the file I get a download speed of around 100Kbps max regardless of time of day. This is not my domestic line restriction as I can easily get up to 800Kbps (depending on sites and times etc). Is there a limit on downloading from RPS to domestic machine or should I use a different protocol ?

Any help would be appreciated.