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Adding Domain to Dedicated server

01-12-2009, 04:21
I wish people would state their real domain in these cases.. it can make it much easier to check on the records..

30-11-2009, 09:35
no joy on this, and as I can't see any records when I do an external lookup on cname records for my domain I suspect it would be a name server problem ?
In the manager for the domain there are two areas
(1) DNS servers
(2) DNS Zone

in DNS servers I have my server and as the name servers.

In the DNS Zone, for NS records I have & - which strikes me as incorrect?

So, I have added an additional A record in the manager with a blank sub domain for my server giving me A A 94.23.236.***

Then on my server the prefered dns set to

So the IP addesses I have in various places do not seem to mach any of the dns names when I ping each of them - can't seem to find what values these should be set to. I'm sure this is very staright forward but my setup doesn't seem to tie together yet - any pointers?

many thanks

28-11-2009, 18:31
You don't edit anything to do with sub-domains on the manager. You simply add a DNS A record, so yes, you create one for www and one for blank (or '.' as it is in the OVH manager).

28-11-2009, 18:29
Where the www goes in as a subdomain in the ovh manager when you create an A record?

So create one A record for www and one for blank ?


28-11-2009, 18:14
You have to add a DNS A record that points to your server. E.G.

www A
# A

(# = blank character)

I use windows DNS which I find easier and quicker than OVH's DNS.

28-11-2009, 17:02
There are a number of threads on this but I'm still not certain of the correct steps. I have an ovh dedicated server running win 2008 r2 and domains that are registered through ovh, that I wish to use on my server (and have sub domains on those) Would someone be able to confirm my understanding of the process involved in getting those domains onto my server please using ovh dns servers?

1) In the Manager for the domain I have done the following:
- Added a DNS zone, with redirect for both zone type and email
Under the DNS Servers it states that the NS are &
But under the DNS zone it states that the NS records are

2) On my windows server I have added the site and the bind information for the domain.

3) For sub domains, I understand I can either add additonal DNS records for each subdomain or just add a bind for that sub domain site. Question is, how does this information get reflected to the name servers if I have not added a dns entry for the subdomain?

IS my understanding correct? would prefer not to wait 72hrs to find out I've missed somethign critical!