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And here you thought your SSD-based server was fast

03-12-2009, 15:48
Your right that is an important factor. My foot is capable of storing 20MB of data

03-12-2009, 15:12
Interesting, but the real question is what is the capacity of your left foot after partitioning and formatting

03-12-2009, 14:42
Ah no this is not fast enough. I have added some fibre links to my left foot that can write data at 20GB/s

03-12-2009, 00:47
Not bad 520MB/s average speed. mmm

03-12-2009, 00:37
Several thousand dollars by the looks of it
Sandirect sells the highest end model for 14K USD! heh

02-12-2009, 21:18
Lo and behold:

I know what I want for Christmas, LOL! And yes, I expect Santa to foot the bill - don't ask me how much these things are...