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Split into seperate sites or 1 big one?

06-12-2009, 21:22
Ok, well if/when i do it would without a doubt all come back to my main site for support/billing, as I simply can not be doing with forkin out for WHMCS etc for multiple sites and then having to manage them all. lol

So seems good

06-12-2009, 02:15
Quote Originally Posted by monkey56657
Personally I prefer to see it when a company is true and honest.. seperating your sites just feels like your hiding your true self
There's a bit of a thin line there.

Personally, I do not like companies who have lots of websites setup, working under differernt names as a marketing tactic i.e. offering the same service but under differernt names and is a bit of a con...

Infact in the UK a limited company has to say if they are trading under another name as a means to combat this, not so sure about sole trading business' though.... I do not mind it when they have serveral website set up as 'part of a brand' or targeting specific categories, I see it as a better way of keep services 'cleaner' and doesnt undermine people expectation of it being a differernt business.

But then again, I WHOIS every single host and cross check the IP to find out exactly where they buy their hosting from, as a result I would know you buy from OVH and, should I see you offer the same decicated hosting for a stupid premium I will not buy /discourage others from buying...

I would say, you could happily offer hosting on different domain names so long as they target specific categories - One for dedicated /VPS, a diffferernt one for shared hosting, a differernt one for content management /hosting. That way, linking it to your parent company isn't much of an issue although personally I would for the following reasons:

*Payment / accounts. Some people are likely to want to utilise more than one of your services, making 20 accounts would pee some people off.
*Customer /brand loyalty, Someone growing from their shared hosting enviroment to dedicated hosting would be more inclined to using your services and recommend you.
*Linking services, making tools available to monitor all services via one simple account rather than by a single site, single payments etc.. etc..
*Support, one e-mail /ticket system, maybe it's own dedicated site with a user forum, much more orginaised for you than having 20 e-mails addresses.

05-12-2009, 21:40
Burstable? Hmm not sure how that would be done least not with current system.

Explain how you mean? So they pay xx for x slots as standard but it allows them to go to xx and just charges extra? :/

05-12-2009, 21:27
For shoutcast hosting a nice thing would be "burstable slots"

05-12-2009, 21:00
Ok then

Need to get working and get pretty site(s) made lol might actually sell more then

05-12-2009, 20:56
If it's a hosting type company offering things like shared, VPS and dedis I'd keep it all on one site. If you do separate it out make sure they all keep the same "brand" feel.

05-12-2009, 20:38
As long as the same brand name is visible on all sites it is fine.

05-12-2009, 20:36
Ok fair enough, I can understand that... reminds me a little of a company i started out (back in the day) getting a simple reseller from, i originally new the guy who owned it when i went to get hosting someone else did, after a ton of digging found out it was connected to at least 3 other hosting sites and apparently they just brought it to get a better UK user base :-/

Hate it when they do that.

Any thoughts on what to do and not to do though for the scenario? (where of course its clear they are all connected ;-) ).

05-12-2009, 20:28
Yes I would.

I wouldn't want to know "Sheep Farmer" and "Website Hoster".. but in the case when they are all related yes I want to know.

05-12-2009, 20:13
So it would be if there was like and and all owned by the same person/company but run separably would think was little dishonest?
(Sorry for the cross examination! just interested )

05-12-2009, 20:07
As long as you are saying "we do x y and z services too.." then it is fine

05-12-2009, 20:05
Quote Originally Posted by monkey56657
Personally I prefer to see it when a company is true and honest.. seperating your sites just feels like your hiding your true self
In what way? I mean if it was done so it is clear its all part of the "" brand and it was all connected to the website would you still think the same?

For example If i did it it would be something like or something and would just be a site for all the shoutcast specific info and products and but the order system would all go back to anyway.

Just trying to understand what you mean please explain


05-12-2009, 20:01
Personally I prefer to see it when a company is true and honest.. seperating your sites just feels like your hiding your true self

05-12-2009, 19:58
Ok, so I have grown to respect the opinion of quite a few members here so would like to get peoples thoughts.

Currently I offer a wide range of products and I have set my self up with a good selection of suppliers and negotiated some good prices etc, I have products from dirt cheap SSL Certificated, Dedicated servers, shared hosting, a multitude of VPS packages, Slice hosting, domain names, and Streaming/Shoutcast hosting.

Recently I have been considering the possibility of setting up separate websites and splitting some of the product groups for example possibly setting up a dedicated website for Shoutcast streaming and separate it from the web hosting, and possibly doing the same for VPS/Dedicated as because I now have some good prices from a variety of suppliers I have a ton of different plans, from FR servers from OVH, UK servers, US servers etc

I was also considering making a sort of sub-brand for dirt cheap little support shared web hosting.

The other thing to consider in these scenario(s) is billing, should I have separate sites for products but still have them come to my main site ( for the billing system & knowledge base etc?

Just wondering what peoples thoughts would be on this and how it might be best done.

All thoughts appreciated.