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Housing, racks and ... virtual racks: 3 days to go
07-12-2009, 00:02
On Sun, Dec 06, 2009 at 11:52:19PM +0100, Julien Tartarin wrote:
> Does it offer VLAN limited number (and therefore he
> must hurry to order), or do something else where OVH can
> keep up with demand without limit ?

Good evening,

I prefer to respond to all

We will be able to offer max 4000 virtual racks (and not 1 more) but not to limit the number of servers in a virtual rack ...

With 1 rack you will be able to manage growth without the stress of physical place left in the rack, the electric power that is, switches and network needed to connect. We must forget all that. I know. It may be hard ... Just 1 click over and poof, 1 new server is in your rack ... like I need more CPU power? click and 1 new server ping in the rack ... like the old server is too low, I removed the rack ... All this without moving the data center ...

Otherwise, this week we expect to announce a new option that we prepare:
after "IP failover", "IP loadbalancing", "MAC failover" OVH will propose

"Concrete IP"...


Goodnight to all !

All the best,
06-12-2009, 20:26

Since 2004, OVH has provided its customers with housing offers which involves the rental of 1/4, 1/2 and whole racks, and the housing of 1U-3U and 4U-6U servers. For these offers we use 2 data centers in Paris: Global Switch and our DC 1.

We raised a lot of questions about changes that OVH might suggest about the level of housing market. We studied housing in Lille/Roubaix Valley, in the region of Caen, Rouen, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille. We also looked at the deals that OVH could offer to Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

The answer to all these questions came during 2009. In fact, after 10 years of work, we (really) tried to understand "Why?". Why does OVH work better than its competitors ? Who are our customers and why they are our customers? And what do they want and what will they want in years to come?

It is difficult to summarise the answers to these questions in 3 lines. Hence the idea of OVH Mag where we'll try to explain our points of view that our job and try to designer drafts of future. In any case, our vision of what is this business, why, how, where and when.

Regarding housing, the answer is simple. We think that our job is "to prevent system administrators from going into datacentres" alias "provide resources for data centers to create the rawest, most reliable and financially neutral". We rent disk space, CPU and RAM in the case of shared hosting, an RPS or a dedicated server.

We offer housing historically, because some customers have asked us to.They asked us because at the time OVH was not able to propose equivalent solutions (technically and financially) in the context of a full lease. We will therefore continue to offer such services here. By contrast we are not going to build new data centers and we will not propose new locations. We will fulfill our current datacentres "housing" then ... it is full. If slots become available, we will be able to rent new places. We will continue to service the housing, because it is our showcase.

Why do we think we don't need to offer housing? Because we believe we can now provide services such as "housing" as part of a "leased" service. And therefore accessible to a much more important public that could not enjoy it until then.

Even with the arrival of HG 2010-10G and it started about 6x greater than we expected, we think we fit in the hand of an alternative to housing. Basically the HG 2010-10G installation costs -50% compared to the same server at one manufacturer and then monthly OVH only charges the equivalent funding from the server and thus offers server hosting, bandwidth and support level 1. Hence the success of the HG 2010-10G.

This week, we will supplement our offerings with a new feature:
the virtual rack.

Instead of renting a rack, buying servers and connecting them together, OVH propose a virtual rack where you will be able to rent your server at OVH. You choose the type of switch (10Mbps/100Mbps/1Gbps/10Gbps) then you connect all the servers together. Your servers have RIPE IP that are yours (as in housing), you add a load balancing infrastructure in 3-click, a global firewall infrastructure, 4-click again, a system of protection against attacks in 3-clicks and SAN/NAS storage services in iSCSI/NFS/FCoE with one advantage: all your infrastructure is divided in 4 datacentres in OVH (19 Paris, 1 Roubaix, Roubaix 2 and the new Roubaix 3 which starts December 15), in different racks and a physical network Layer 2/3 without focus (and therefore without a critical point) and very high availability. We have several months to develop this type of very innovative architecture.

In short, you have all the advantages of a private rack and all the benefits of a lease. It starts this week. And the price of 49 VAT / month for the virtual rack (nothing to do with the price of a rack ...) ...

Innovation, questioning and doing the same thing differently...

All the best,