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OVH data centres, network, etc

11-12-2009, 09:55
Last but not least, you have two asterix aka asterisk pointing to two different things on the site

***: Request for the establishment of a block of IPs from RIPE (with geolocalisation): 4,8,16 IPs: 49. 32,64,128,256 IPs: 99. 512,1024,+ IPs: 199. the existing PI (unlimited IP): 99. Monthly Cost: 0.

*** : As part of a subscription to the switch port 1 Gbps. Otherwise 100 Mbps.

and to think Octave thinks selling servers 'cheaply' is unprofessional

08-12-2009, 16:12
yeah, there are 3 different datacentres in Roubaix, and 1 in Paris

@_Lemon_: thanks for letting us know

08-12-2009, 14:53
Where is Roubaix 1, 2 and 3?
Are they all on the same site or spread around Roubaix?

Puting ovh in google maps i can find the big datacenter here but is this just Roubaix 1? then where is Roubaix 2 and 3?

08-12-2009, 13:13
While we're at it, Kimsufi quotes "Free internal traffic From 07/09/2009".

08-12-2009, 13:09

Good spot, I have requested for this to be updated.

08-12-2009, 11:56
Hi your websites seem to be really outdated when it comes to your infrastructure, EG from network page:

total bandwidth of network 120Gbps
How many years ago was that??

Also Oles you've mentioned roubaix 3 a few times now, any info on this new datacentre, capacity, connectivity, is it built more eco friendly, etc?

Would be nice to know some up to date facts about ovh and also see them on the website :-]