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MoM version 26

09-12-2009, 16:49
Ok I have to say WELL DONE OLES! (Sorry for shouting but you deserve it).
This is a very nice app and it looks great on the Mac. I will be using this instead of the manager wherever possible.

So the functionality already there for managing dedicated servers is not bad, but I think the following features would really add to it:
Reinstall/Change OS
Virtual Mac for VPS

^ -- Those would also be -really- good in SoAPI

Other than that good job on getting most of the functionality in there. Ordering licenses from MoM would be a nice touch too though!
08-12-2009, 20:12

New functionalities in the MoM, the status of domain names, mutu, telephony and dedicated server.

Feel free to give us feedback on the functioning of this small MoM and the features that you want in the MoM

To download:
- MoM (Windows) :
- MoM (Mac OSX) :
- MoM (Linux) :

All the best,

- Managing access to web site statistics
- Listing of operations on a domain
- Management of GLUE Registry
- Import / export of integrated zone
- Champs dns TXT, NAPTR, SRV and LOC added
- Hiding the integrated whois
- Protection /deprotection of domain names
- Black and white list on both incoming and outgoing
- Fully integrated multi-operation of call management
- Integrating multi-transaction of changing passwords
- Full integration in multi-management operation of answering
- Fully integrated multi-transaction FAX management
- Changing the interface of Thomson ST2022 / ST2030 in multi-operation
- Reboot the phone in multi-operation
- Modification of details and publishing the universal # directory in multi-operation
- Replacing the change of DNS servers in multi-operation, on the "Hosting" category
- Translations UK / IE / PL / PT / DE / ES Updates
- Fix the problem of hard-reboot and manage disabled IP failover on a dedicated server that has never been hard-reboot