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Server Setup Fees suggestion

14-12-2009, 17:01
Hi Tallen

Normally we keep a server for about 5 - 7 days (after the original expiry date - NOT the date it is null routed), if you contact us during this period you should be able to renew, the best way to test is with this link and enter the server address, if it cannot find the server address it is gone.

14-12-2009, 16:07
OVH also released 9 servers for us between 11.24pm & 11.56pm (which ovh then class as a full day) - then someone told me over the phone, on two seperate occasions, that they are not 'suspended' that day if they are not paid, you are given a grace period between 24-48hrs *roughly*

So I thought I would test the theory and let one go over it's due date, sure enough, by 7am, it had been terminated.

Not having a go at you Neil, you didn't release the server or tell me the info over the phone - but i'll tell you as you seem to be the most reasonable staff member (and most active on the forums) I have dealth with so far, so enjoy my *rant*

14-12-2009, 15:57
Ordering a server, then ordering the same server again to switch over to it?

Wouldn't it be cheaper to throw all your data on the FTP provided or get a USB disk for 10 a month?

12-12-2009, 19:30

Just wondering OVH staff whether you could extend the period from when data is deleted to being able to renew.
At the current period in time, if you miss server expiration by 3 days, you cannot renew, without starting a new server which has setup fees of 49.99. Ouch!

Why not have it so you can add another of the same server if you don't renew it, so you don't have to pay the setup fees again?

Also are these setup fees for all servers (Even low quality servers such as the RPS) here to stay? 49.99 for a 9.99 server is a lot!

Thanks! I hope you listen to our suggestions!