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13-12-2009, 16:14
Tasks this week and for 'prod' ...

RPS / SD / VM / INFRA / Housing / Network
-New: page manager sub + command attaches to a server vlan
-New: install ESXi4
-New: Windows 2008r1 32 + web plesk 9.2.3
-Patch: upgrade routers p19-2 / p19-7 / vss-2
-Patch: update all mrtg server with new core RTM
-Patch: MAC failover: add / remove + HG

Domain / SSL / Email / Shared
-New: GeoIP FI
-New: idn backorder for. Eu
-New: added spin Shared / mail
-New: Install admin.mail out for park management
-New: Coding system limit nbr of emails / day for mail PHP / CGI
of shared hostings, provide the opportunity to order more mail
-R & D system testing with SQL Damian memcache servers BDB Returns
clients and any corrections
-R & D: ASP to map uid on the Samba server
-Patch: Adding cache SSD on cluster003
-Patch: finish installing the new anti-spam on all mail-out
-Patch: Update of the afichage quota manager
-Patch: establishment of quotas on cluster003
-Patch: patch boundary 100 emails / hour in SQL
-Patch: Update php 5.3.1
-Patch: control system and update / etc / hosts web servers
-Patch: removal catch-all button in the manager
-Patch: transfer. Pt automated (authInfo / ProcessId) robot control
-Patch: updated contact / trade. Ch and. Li
-Bugfix: detection of language on

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS
-New: provisioning PAP2 + 2 lines
-New: Implementation of SIP proxy
-New: order sms subsidiaries - CONTRACT
-BugFix: Bug Conference

-New: Internal Interface SDS
-New: Routing / 24 OVH FI
-New: new page-view for orders
-New: OVH FI pre prod
-New: sys + billing order. Fi
-New: added contracts EULA vmware
-BugFix: Fixed bug coupon code

-R & D: send orders Ouma PDFs, DOCS, documents
via fax, email and mail
-R & D: OVH.ME template for website
-R & D: drive choice on filers

.... what Prodi's plans next week:

RPS / SD / VM / INFRA / Housing / Network
- LVM in relocation
- Distro: openFile (requires LVM)
- Distro: Parallels SMB
- Windows 2008r1 std 32 + virtuozzo
- Kms integrated installation
- Test vCenter VMware Lab Manager
- Prepare debian vm 5 on lab manager and make fork
- Testing mysql-proxy failover on mail servers
- Test limit is to protect io spin on iscsi83 and iscsi86
(too much failure this week)
- Sending SMS from service monitoring
- Ftpback - crashtest with rbx2 team
- Mac Virtual failover (looking for the beta test feedback)
- Send email information to the vlan
- Configure a vlan on a server
- Opensolaris / solaris - test Comstar iscsi with customers
- Upgrade vss-1-6k
- RTM: New system abuse
- Establishing the network in Roubaix 3
- Remission of access-list irc / smtp / router
- The establishment of supply management attacks

Domain / SSL / Email / Shared
- Certification. Asia
- Trade. Lu
- End code in C
- Run the bases.
- Added and updated features mutu
- New machines SOAP
- Soap on
- Find a way to offer new SSL certificates on shared
- Automatic detection system of mail-outs blacklisted
- Prod into the system of limits on emails php / cgi
- Switch on the new webmail / pop / imap
- Initiate the R & D anti-spam
- End module zenphoto (eg for
replace gallery 2
- Tool combining a basic standard sql in personal manager
- End deploying DFS prod
- Patch the installation system modules for management options
- Second phase of system testing with memcache SQL servers BDB
- Urchin 6 maj
- Automatic distribution facilities mysql5
- Patch / addition on SSD, + (subject to availability of SSD)
- Phasing out the old quota system of filers
- Prod mysql-proxy / mysql-debug-proxy on memcache mysql bdb mutu
- Windows on mutu start testing on a new ip

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS
- Provisioning as Doro-Fi
- Getting a list of available calls received
- SIP account setup nokia / iphone site
- Clustering fax
- Wait for the establishment of 08
- Implementation of the SIP proxy - 2
- Contracts directory companies
- Goes up sheets CTI
- Bug optimization billing - closures
- Complete section SMS / FAX

- Added a ref for installation in BC sql personal to bert
- Order hosting package + domain + module
- Patch the system of sending mail / invoice
- Order HG2010
- Order online
= 1 to PRODDER
2 = add peering
- Legal - add the sun EULA contract

- Find the right idea ... mind the idea if you understand ...
- Repeat the test with other NAS ...
2 = adding contact management (CVS import and
Auto Padding, then proposes a mass mailing)
- Validate the idea (the idea of the century or still?)

They advance slowly.