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What is the purpose of Q-1T anymore?

14-12-2009, 19:18
Well, this comparison only works if you just need Gbit ethernet. If you don't need gbit or you need some other tuning option then there is a big difference in price.

I would say that the real comparison is Q-1T with I7-2T where with just 10 more you get a much powerful hardware... but in the end... WHO CARE? just pick the one you like and ignore the one you dislike.. if OVH keep selling them it means they sell them.

14-12-2009, 11:58
forgetting 17.5% (as of Jan) VAT

70.50 (Q-1T) -> 82.24 (EG BestOF)

But yeah, you are right for the amount of benefits the EG has over the Q-1T

14-12-2009, 11:36

xeon quad with a higher clock frequency 8GB DDR2, 1.5TB hard drive, SLA, 1Gbps port by default, 10TB upload BW included, download is already unmetered

69.99 pounds ( comparing without set up fees since they are standard on all kimsufi and ovh servers)

then u got the Q-1T with quad core lower clock frequency, half the ram of the EG best of, 500GB less space, 7TB less upload BW than Eg best of and pay an additional fee of 25 pounds to get the 1Gbps port for uploading..

so total is like 35 pounds + 25 pounds which is like 60 pounds..

so basically for 10 more pounds u can have a far better server with far more BW baffles me OVH marketing :/