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rps IP Failover

16-12-2009, 03:29
I'm not too sure, but can't you do that via DNS?

You will need a domain name, and point that to a DNS which will handle a failover type support. You could run your own DNS server (which is what most webhosts do if you've bought hosting) which will intun give the IP address of your server and, should that server go down, give the IP for the second server.

Hope that helps.

edit: From what im aware of it works by monitoring the health of your servers, most likely Via ping (at least this is the impression i got when reading a DNS failover service), so since hard disk failure does not directly result in a server crash you might need to set up your own background program to dissable ping services on hard disk failure...

I'm not to sure about the DNS protocol so it might just be possible to 'list' a set of IP address with your DNS providor and the client should automatically attempt connection to the second IP if the first one fails.

16-12-2009, 00:36
(1) The destination IP must be within OVH's network.
(2) As far as I know, the IP can only be set to one of your dedicated servers and not shared hosting. This would definitely be a useful feature though.
(3) You change the fail-over IP destination via the manager so you would not need to be able to access your failed RPS.

15-12-2009, 23:57
A failover IP is basically an additional IP issued by OVH that you can point to any of your OVH servers.

If your server falls over, the idea is you can point the failover to your second OVH server.

15-12-2009, 18:15
I am thinking about rps but I am somewhat concerned about reliability (I was going to give one a try but the setup fees are making me think twice now vs a vps from another supplier). The other issue is performance but this is probably a suck it and see point.

As a safeguard I notice they offer IP Failover. I know the basic principles of these but have some specific questions about this service relating to rps.

It doesn't seem to be much point to buy 2 rps for failover as it appears to be the hard drives that cause most downtime so you might have the same problem with both!

(1) Can you set these to an IP outside OVH?
(2) Can you set these to a shared service on OVH (with the option of a simple message for visitors as the full website service is likely not to be available)?
(3) If the hard drive is not working can you still access the rps to switchover or is the process automatic?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.