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Windows on the RPS
18-12-2009, 05:38

Microsoft has put significant resources to successfully boot the latest
version of Windows 2008 on an RPS. And it is stable!

Take a look at:

RPS will move shortly to the solutions of "cloud clustering" i.e. the function
that needs the cluster will be expanded and from 2,3 or 4 RPS to ... 10/20/50 RPS
in parallel in 1 click. We are moving well in Linux and LAMP (solutions with
load balancing MySQL through the mysql-proxy). The same will be proposed
for other framework like Java, RubyOnRails and .NET. All these solutions will
be "root-less" i.e. administered by OVH with 24/7 teams aka GS (Global Solutions).
There is still a lot of R&D to complete the solutions, but we think we will offer
you all this in February 2010 .

All the best,