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SAN NAS Storage beta
18-12-2009, 16:50

With a bay and virtual virtualisation OVH proposes new storage solutions through SAN / NAS dedicated. IE you will be able to mount a drive outside of your servers using NFS / CIFS or iSCSI / FCoE on your dedicated server or on your VM. You can then share data across multiple servers (NFS / CIFS) and / or switch to the VM (virtual machine) from one physical server to another with the disc following the changeover (like routing).

This service is currently going into beta. There are 6 beta testers very "Bourin-esque", users of pure, hard, total geek baby aliases
with beards who are tech purebreds. We have a system that we want Leclerc to test with the 6 beta testers in different use cases
and validate the performance madness that will provide the redundancy on our system when the changeover occurs from one head to another, etc.

We want to start testing with clients interested in NFS and / or iSCSI. Then we will test in CIFS (requires customers with Windows) and FCoE (you must activate the virtual bay).

We wish to conduct tests with clients who have minimum 2 servers to test the installation and performance share of data.

If you are interested in testing, dont hesitate to contact me on with:
- Subject: Beta Storage
- The names of your server / ips (minimum 2 servers)
Then we'll send you the settings to configure on your servers, you can subscribe to a mailing list of the beta service too