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20-12-2009, 15:30

To be prodded this week and ...

-New: FRNOG v15 Presentation of "How to host 70,000 servers ?"
-New: Launch OVH FI

-New: Virtual Bay (vRack): the email with information for the state of the vRack
-New: Virtual Bay (vRack): automatic connection of a server on a vRack
-New: Start of RBX3, the routing and the systems and celebrate with champagne !
-New: ArchLinux 2009.08 32bit
-New: Online order
-R&D: prepare debian 5 VM on lab manager and make fork: TODO
-R&D: test comstar iscsi/nfs with 6 customers: DOING
-R&D: crashtest new ftpbackup with rbx2 team: OK
-R&D: RPS on Windows/iSCSI: OK
-MC-GS: ASA-5520
-Patch: Virtualisation MAC failover a bug fixed, no known bug.

Domain/SSL/Email/Shared Hosting
-R&D: accelerate ajax: OK
-Patch: SoAPI
-Patch: update .RE contact
-Patch: trade .US
-Patch: prod/debug mysql-proxy-memcache on mysql bdb shared hosting
-Patch: upgrade urchin 6
-Patch: phasing out the old quota system of filers
-Patch: automatic re-partition of mysql5 installations
-Patch: patch qmail for detection of POP before SMTP (to begin to tell customers that they must switch to the new SMTP with SMTP-AUTH)
-Patch: patch qmail for user/assign
-Patch: repeat the old ftp

-MC-GS: "all included" offers (SIP + telephone locations) start: Jan/2010
-MC-GS: reseller offers (start: Jan/2010)
-R&D: start the work on SHDSL and the MVNO: DOING

Cloud Computing
- OVH.ME (status: beta)
Ruby OK
Java OK

MC-GS (Marketing-Commercial/Global-Solutions a.k.a. the emotional cycles)
-R&D: the new top menu to integrate GS in DOING
-R&D: tools for rapid production of new pages: OK
-R&D: try tools to quickly produce flash: OK
-R&D: try with BD artists: OK
-R&D: recruitment of new branch: OK (starting 4 January)

.... due to be prodded next week:

- LVM in the re-installation
- Distro: Openfiler (requires LVM)
- Distro: Parallels SMB
- Distro: windows 2008r1 32 std + virtuozzo
- Launch the R&D for RPS/NFS v2 (150 RPS)
- 2.6.32 to come (10G card to add) + mem dedup testing
- virtual mac : failover between 2 different networks
- work on the R&D SAN/NAS Storage
- Sending SMS from service monitoring
- RTM: new abuse system
- choose the best moment to upgrade vss-1/rbx-1/rbx-2
- reset irc /routeur access-list
- reset spam /routeur access-list
- add powerful logs in scan detection system
- switch the blocking of certain/some "dangerous" towards an end system
- launch the R&D on "IP protected" with 254 beta testers against the input attacks of 1Mbps to 100Gbps with the embronic distributed filtering, for the service on the TCP:80 & TCP:443 service (first of all).

Domain/SSL/Email/Shared Hosting
- .asia certification
- .lu trade
- new SoAPI machines
- soapi on
- construction of new bases
- installing on pop/imap
- start the tests of an anti-spam idea
- automatci detection system for blacklistmail-outs
- limit system of the php/cgi emails
- windows on shared hosting - start testing on a new ip
- end DFS deployment in prod
- patch modules installation system for the management of options
- 2nd phase of test of SQL systeme SQL with memcache on the BDB servers

- Provisioning tel wifi Doro
- fix all the bugs lrelated to the management of bourin SPAM of certain operators
- clustering fax
- begin to prepare contracts and procedures for repayment of money
- Last available a list of calls received
- the pages sur the configuration of a SIP line in WIFI on iPhone/Nokia
- directory companies contracts
- Remonte de fiches CTI
- 3C: code, code + contracts: location of telephones

- Validate the organization and working methods of MC-GS

- we add contacts management (import CVS, and auto padding, then we propose mass mailing)
- finish Java
- start to think of integrating in the OVH shared hosting

MC-GS (Marketing-Commercial/Global-Solutions a.k.a. the emotional cycles)
- pages of vRack
- pages on the ASA-5010/5020 firewall
- the order of a new vRack with the new servers (1 clic)
- the order of a hosting+module+domain pack (1 clic)
- complete the SMS/FAX category
- finish the shared hosting pages (php, perl, etc)
- try to move the new / domain in prod

All the best,