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ESXi performance?

23-12-2009, 00:49
I love ESXi and the performance is great but earlier my server died for some reason and restarted which makes me crazy nervous. I am going to guess this hasn't happened to anyone else and was just a weird blip.

It rotates /var/log/messages at boot so I had no way to see what might have been the problem which is annoying as hell!

22-12-2009, 23:37
I'm currently using ESXi, atm. And had no problems. Works wonderfully.

My debian box is running atm at 34mhz and only using 94mb of ram.

I have used ESXi when I had my server co-located in the past, but as ESXi is the base operating system and host vm's run on top it allows faster everything.

Unlike where Proxmox is a Linux distro that runs promox on top. - Back up your operating system files and install ESXi, it is pretty god dam neat!

22-12-2009, 23:30
ESXi looks the best option for virtualizing a server, since it has a 32MB foot print and "no host OS", does this make the guests faster than say proxmox?

I remember using proxmox and had alot of IO wait CPU usage in guests, would that be lower with ESXi, with less of a middle man as it were?

Nothing really on the net about comparissons, so if you've tried different ways of virtualizing, please say which you like best