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Multiple Apps Sharing 1 MySQL DB

28-12-2009, 21:41

The Pro has 4 Databases, 1x 500MB and 3 x 50MB, see

You can have multiple apps in the same database, just make sure the pre-fixes are different, otherwise the apps will get confused All apps have different pre-fixing and the ones you have listed I know personally all have different pre fixing so you will be okay.

Performance will be fine as our MySQL servers are pretty powerful and some have just been moved to even better ones!

The connection limit could be an issue if everything is in the same database, since it is a general limit, if I were you I would spilt them into different databases if you could.

If you had unlimited databases in the past then most (if not definitely!) likely your host was over selling, at OVH we do not do this, but instead have a cluster system, if you are having more than 10 simultaneous connections then you are over loading the servers and causing issues to other customers, this is where the Private SQL come in...

The OVH 1 Click creates a database that you cannot access, unless you install your own copy of phpmyadmin, if you know what you are doing then I do recommend you install it yourself.

28-12-2009, 12:18
Quote Originally Posted by MicroChip123
are you on a dedicated server or not?
Hi, "OVH Hosting 100GB PRO", this is a Shared Hosting Product.

I have Dedicated Servers here, but I want a customer contained solution that is not dependant on external source.

28-12-2009, 11:53
are you on a dedicated server or not?

27-12-2009, 23:18
Hi All,

As per another Thread, a customer wants to take OVH Hosting 100gb Pro, but it only comes with a limited number of MySQL DB's.

Excluding them paying more for Private MySQL, can they install several apps like Joomla, Forum, WordPress, Wiki, OS Commerce and all use a single DB (size allowing)?

Would they need to prefix the tables with something like _APP01_, _APP02_ etc.

How would performance be?

How would this handle the OVH Limit of 10 connections per DB?

I am so used to having unlimited DB's, I did not expect this limit.

The OVH Site for the hosting, goes on about loads of apps ready to install in 1 click, but how does their 1-Click installer setup DB's..?

Cheers for any clarity.