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how to mount an extra hdd; how to or step by step guide needed

02-01-2010, 20:25
Please keep in mind that on the SP Best Of, you only see ONE (1) disk and you will hace a total capacity of 750 GBytes.

You will NOT see two separate disks, each at 750 Gbyte for a total of 1.5 TBytes storage. This is due to the default RAID-1 setup (see for full details)

In the simplest terms possible: disk #2 is an exact copy of disk #1. If disk #1 fails, your data will remain safe on disk #2.

If you need the storage instead of data safety, then you need to repartition your disks from the OVH manager (DATA LOSS WILL OCCUR!). You create three partitions:

- The 1st one of about 20 GBytes (no less) mounted at / -- This partition can only be in RAID-1, which means you'll loose 20 GBytes on BOTH disks (leaving 730 GBytes on each disk).

- The 2nd partition will be a Swap partition. The Swap partition is also created on BOTH disks. So if you specify 1 GByte, then each disk will loose 1 GByte (leaving 729 GBytes on each disk) but will give you a total of 2x 1 GByte Swap space. As a rule of thumb, swap space needs to be 1.5-2x the size of your RAM and you really don't want to be without it!

- For the last partition you use whatever space is left and configure this to be in RAID-0 (RAID ZERO). RAID-0 will allow you to use the space on BOTH disks as one, so if you followed the above and have 729 GByte left on each HD, then this partition will have 2x 729 GByte = 1458 GBytes available (give or take a few, depending on some other tidbits). You can use anything as the mount point, like "/home".

02-01-2010, 16:53
hi there

my last post doesnt seem to work or have any good explination

can sum1 create a full how to or [step by step guide] so i can mount my extra 750g?

its a sp 09 best of!

either via ovh manager or ssh commands?

i would owe sum1 a beer if they could im really stuck