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IP Addresses? Cost?

05-01-2010, 13:44
You need to have the Professional Usage option (15 + 17.5% VAT) on every server you want to add/use the additional IPs to/on.

*** Request the establishment of a block of IPs close to RIPE (with geolocalisation): 4,8,16 IPs: 49 --- 32,64,128,256 IPs: 99 - both prices exclude 17.5% VAT.

05-01-2010, 13:25
Yes, we do sell RIPE IP blocks up to 512 without a problem. This IPs could be moved among your servers at OVH in a block basis (you can assign subblocks of 16, 32, ... IPs and move them independently among your servers.

Regarding the VLAN: we do have a new product called Virtual Rack that would do the trick for that.

By default, the servers are independent to each other, with their own IP and you cannot choose the network of the IPs assigned to them.

This Virtual Rack allows you to set a number of servers under the same virtual network with a particular bandwidth between them. Have a look into it, it could be interesting for your needs. Check it through your manager in:

OVH Manager >> your server >> Services >> Sign up for a Virtual Bay

05-01-2010, 04:48
Does OVH sell IP blocks, lets say a /24 that can be used on several servers? We want a /24 or a /25 block of IP's for our servers and want to know if our servers can be on the same VLAN so they can exchange using IP's at anytime. Is this possible? We do this all the time in the other DC's we are in.

What is the pricing for /24 and /25 blocks?