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Virtual rack

20-01-2010, 04:57
2tbps? that is too good to be true
19-01-2010, 18:20

For about 3 weeks now we have offerd the "virtual rack" (Vrack) service. The service is based on a L2 network which we have constructed in our data centers with a switching capacity of 600Gbps. We really want you to have it as a guaranteed service in terms of bandwidth and with a system fault tolerance at the "switching" level. We currently use the Cisco Nexus switch range which allows for a L2 redundancy through a VPC (virtua port channel on 2 different physical devices). This network will evolve in the coming months and will end with a capacity of 2Tbps of switching (!!) across 4 data centers that we expect to manage at Roubaix Valley by the end of 2010.

We have changed the business model of supply in order to simplify everything and show you the limits of supply that is currently 1,000 servers in a virtual rack. No more problems of electric power or air conditioning in your racks. With the virtual rack in less than 1 hour you can add a new server in your rack on your network.

Through the "chtix" service we can carry the L2 network to one of the 20 points of presence in our network in Europe and connect to your router. You can thus ensure the routing of your AS/IP as you do today and have the servers in a virtual rack at OVH in all simplicity and total transparency for the end customer ...

Within a few days you will be able to add the routing on your vRack in OVH, add a map of load balancing, and add a firewall to the entire rack. These works are being dev.

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