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IP Failover: add-ons contract
20-01-2010, 18:12

Next week, when you take an IP fail-over in a certain country, you will need to validate a small contract with our subsidiary that manages its IP. And conversely, an ES customer who takes an FR IP will validate the contract with "OVH France. Similarly, if a PL customer orders a UK IP Failover, he will validate this little contract with "Ovh Limited. And therefore, accept the respective geolocalisation laws.

We have indeed a problem on a European directive which has not been implemented in Spain in the same manner as in the rest of Europe and especially France. As a result, ES customers who use FR IPs do not understand why OVH France reacts the way that French law requires us to respond and did not follow the Spanish law which calls to respond otherwise. Note that it is the country of origin that determines the IP laws that Ovh (Group) respects and therefore the responsibilities and therefore procedures. This means that depending on the geolocation of the IP, OVH (Group) review the problem with the subsidiary concerned by the problem. And each branch must respect the laws of his country. Thus, with the FR IP, it is OVH France which manages the problems and therefore must comply with LCEN and ES IP, it is OVH ES that is managing the problem and therefore must comply with LSSI. The LCEN law and the LSSI law does not work the same way.

In all cases, the simplest is to use IP failover for your country so that the law Ovh (Group) meets either the law of the country. Otherwise, RIPE IP solves the problem since it shows your organization and then your country and it is very simple.

It will form an add-ons to accept when ordering or renewing (if you have the IP Failover in another country).

All the best,